I just love it when Victor cooks. Especially when it’s an unexpected meal.

I was working on a project when out of the blue Victor asked if I minded if he cooked dinner. “Oh, yes, honey. I mind completely” NOT!!! Cook away!

What was even more fun was he had no idea what he wanted to make. We had a pork tenderloin thawed, but that was the extent of the planning.

He decided on a stuffed tenderloin.

  • Bacon
  • Carrots
  • Green bell pepper
  • A small bulb of fennel
  • Onion

He cooked the bacon till it was very crisp – took it out, chopped the veggies and sauteed them in the bacon fat.  While that was happening he found some stale rolls and made bread crumbs in the food processor – dumped the veggies in a bowl, crumbled the bacon into them – added the bread crumbs – a bit of olive oil and milk…  Slit open the pork loin – pounded it out a bit, stuffed the sucker, rolled it up (called me in to tie it for him – a guy needs “some” help) and roasted it for 45 mins at 350°.

Fresh tomatoes out of the garden. Sliced and slathered in home made pesto.

Rice cooked in chicken stock for flavor.


Nonna and I both cleaned our plates. Completely cleaned our plates.

It was one of those perfect meals. Every flavor worked with every texture, worked with everything.

The pesto with the tomatoes was another perfect combo.  The basil has really taken off and we’re going to be making a lot more of it in the next week.

And the tabasco peppers are getting close, too…