Nonna really likes tomatoes. Back when I did her shopping, I’d pick up three or four of them every week for her. She’s just cut them up and make simple tomato salads. I really like tomatoes, too, but I would seldom actually buy one. I like to wait until summer when our garden is in full swing and enjoy them right off the vine – before the critters get to them.

But since Nonna is here, now, and summer is a long ways off, I’ve had to resort to the grocery store… Ya know… It’s not easy being pigheaded and opinionated about certain foods, but a boy has to do what a boy has to do. I’m at least getting organic and making sure they don’t come from Florida.

They really aren’t as good as the ones out of our back yard, but Nonna is cleaning her plate and that really does take priority over my political opinions.

So chopped tomatoes, really good olive oil, fresh mozzarella, some fresh parsley, and a pinch of salt and pepper were all it took to make a tasty side dish.

The pork chops were marinated in the same olive oil, a bit sage, garlic, and red wine vinegar – and then grilled to perfection. The potatoes were mashed with parsley, Boursin cheese, butter, salt, & pepper. Not exactly health-food, but they definitely hit the spot.

There are strawberries macerating in a bit of Cointreau for strawberry shortcakes later. And in another case of putting pigheadedness aside, the shortcakes are store-bought.

Expect to see pigs flying in the full moon, tonight.