We’ve survived 48 hours without an oven, but not having that clock is driving me nuts. I can’t believe how often I looked at that clock – it seems like it must have been every time I walked into the kitchen. Note to self: make sure new oven has a clock.

We’ve been doing our online looking, but we’ll have to actually walk into the store to see what we finally get. It’s funny, but I’ve been doing online comparisons and will put 4 similar items on the screen and then call Victor over to pick out the one he likes best. Every time, he has picked the one I like best, as well. What a shock, eh?!? It never ceases to amaze me at how similar our tastes are – at least for the important stuff.

I also think it’s funny that 12 years ago we were adamant that we didn’t want granite and stainless steel in the kitchen. And now we’re going to have granite and stainless steel in the kitchen! What a difference a decade makes.

So our stove-top dinner tonight started out on the grill. I made simple hamburger steaks – salt, pepper, garlic powder – and grilled them. I made a simple mushroom gravy by sauteing baby bella mushrooms in a bit of butter, and after they were browned added about a cup of coffee. Coffee was my mom’s secret ingredient in stews and soups and gravies and the like. Then went a couple cups of beef broth and then I thickened it with flour and water. Rich and silky-smooth. Not that I really worry about lumps in the gravy, but it’s always nice when they don’t appear. I put the steaks into the gravy and let it all simmer for about 20 minutes.

Simple white rice and overcooked broccoli finished the plate. I really do have to start cooking two sets of vegetables – or just start buying frozen and not worry about it.

Three more days and we get to go shopping for some new appliances.

Happy Birthday, indeed!