I just love coming home from work and finding Victor in the kitchen!  Since I had to work late, Victor said he would take care of dinner – and after 17 years and 352 days, I still marvel at what a great cook he is. This was a throw-together, clean-out-the-‘fridge dish that had me going back for more.

It was pasta and meat sauce with roasted butternut squash and fresh mozzarella.  And under all that were two boneless pork chops that were fall-apart tender.

It rocked.

No big recipe secret.  It was like a standard baked ziti with chunks of fresh mozzarella and roasted squash added for fun.  I almost had it for dinner again, tonight, but decided it would make a couple of great lunches, instead.

We both pretty much work under the same premise – if you put things together that you like, it’s bound to come out good.

And it did.