Tonight’s dinner concept came about because I wanted chicken and cheese for dinner.

All day I toyed with different ideas – stuffing breasts with sausage and cheese, wrapping them in filo dough…  There were ideas involving bacon… I even considered a chicken cheese-steak.  I finally decided on wrapping the breasts in puff pastry after topping them with chevre.  It was a good choice.  And simple.  Sometimes the most simple really is the best.

I cooked the chicken on top of the stove until it was about 90% done and let cool.  I cut a puff pastry sheet in half and rolled it out a bit.  I placed a hefty 1 ounce of herb chevre in the middle of each piece of dough, placed the chicken on top, and then folded everything together.  It then went into a 425° oven for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I made a simple mushroom sauce with fresh mushrooms and a bit of beef broth and heavy cream.  Cooked arugula and rice finished off the plate.  There were lots of contrasts in flavors and textures and not a lot of need for more herbs and spices because of the chevre and the sauce.  Fun food.