We have been eating well.  From simple salamis and cheeses along with a bruschetta I made,

to a fabulous ravioli with a pesto cream sauce my sister, Phoebe, made last night,

to street sandwiches, small cafes and trattorias, we’re really eating well.  The food is just better.

One place that was on the top of my must-do list was the Mercato Centrale – the central market.  I want to live here so I can shop there every day!

Produce, meats, poultry, pastas, pane… I walked through the doors and immediately fell in love – and immediately felt at home.  I could shop here, regularly, become a local and grow old and happy.

We bought gifts for us and a few others.  I need to make one more trek before we leave…

I could literally spend hours here.  Everything one could possibly want is sitting here under one enormous roof.  It’s like a Reading Terminal Market or Ferry Plaza Marketplace on steroids.  And clean.

I need to figure out why we’re living in the nowhere Philadelphia suburbs…..