I found my dream-store – in the Trasteverina district of Rome.

Trasteverina – literally after (or across) the Teverina (Tiber) – is what many consider “old Rome.”  It’s not as touristy, it’s a bit more run-down.  But for many things – less expensive and much more real. We had a great dinner there the other night and wanted to return to see the area in daylight.  I am so glad we did!

We found a meat and cheese shop that was just out of this world!  A salumi & formaggio store with so many meats and cheeses, I wanted to cry.  The cases were just filled to the brim with the most fabulous foods.  The owner saw the look on my face and broke into a grin.  He spoke no English at all, but we had the best conversation.

I asked if I could take pictures and he smiled and shook his head yes.  And then got out of the way.  He was a bit camera-shy, himself.  Or part of the witness protection program.  But, oh…  what a shop full of earthly delights!

He had every conceivable smoked or cured meat, from different prosciuttos and speck to a dozen salamis – spicy and not – along with lots of wines, dried pasta, and fresh-baked breads. It was the store I want right down the street from me!

And the cheeses!

The case went on and on…

Filled to overflowing with some of the most beautiful cheeses I have ever seen.  They weren’t displayed as art – as they would be in a negozio di formaggi di Parigi.  But art, it all was.  Handmade cheeses from all over the country.

Besides the meats and cheeses, there were walls of wine and olive oil.

I wanted to just sit on the floor and start eating.  And eating.  And eating.  Savoring every new flavor, every new texture, every new aroma…

The owner let us know that they are online and they ship to the United States.

I see an order being placed when we get home…

Antica Caciara
Via San Francesco a Ripa, 140 a/b
00153 Roma – Italia