I love rainy days!

Early this morning Victor decided to make a batch of meatballs.  Meatballs and sauce were the perfect thing to take the chill off the house.

So while the rain gently fell, the smell of garlic and olive oil filled the house.

There are certain things that are difficult to describe, and one of them is the utter joy I can feel with certain scents wafting out of the kitchen.  Frying garlic is definitely one of them.  Part of it is the knowledge that there’s more to follow – that it’s just the beginning of a fabulous meal.  It can go in any number of directions – and all of them are good.

We debated what to do with them…  We have several different pastas on the shelves, but in the end decided meatball sandwiches were what the Medico ordered…

Meatballs layered with sauce and fontina cheese, melted in the oven with french fries.