My box of Hunter’s Recipe Spice Rubs arrived just in time for dinner Friday night!

After trying the Steak Rub the other night, I knew I wanted to delve a little deeper into these and the timing could not have been more perfect.  I had two bone-in chicken breasts that were looking to be grilled.

Smoky paprika, chili powder, cumin, brown sugar… classic flavors expertly blended to create a really unique barbecue taste sensation!  Just enough heat to satisfy with just enough sweet to balance.

It actually was so good I ate my chicken skin.  That alone explains how good it was.  I never – ever – eat chicken skin.  Ever.  While I’m one of the least-fussy eaters I know, I got sick on it once as a wee tyke – eating way too much of it.  Generally, I just peel it back and dive right into the succulent meat.

Not this time.  I ate the skin!

Baked potato with sour cream and corn… The Perfect Meal.  Come to think of it, it would have been even more perfect with some Adluh biscuits or cornbread.

Next time.  I shall be doing more of this.

Speaking of more of this…

Last night I decided to grill some big ol’ burgers.  Since I had some of the steak rub, I added about a tablespoon to a pound of ground beef before forming the patties.  It had made a filet mignon outstanding.  I knew it would help some lowly ground beef.

I lightly-formed my patties – not wanting to compact the beef all that much – preheated the grill and set them on to sizzle.

A few minutes later I went back to check on them and – I ran out of gas.  A stone-cold grill.

Into the kitchen I came, heated up a skillet and fried those little babies.  Camera was in the other room so I didn’t get pictures, but suffice to say – the Steak Rub works wonders in a hamburger.

I loved every bite of it.