Soup.  All I have been eating is soup.  Hot, spicy soup.

This has truly been the cold from hell.  I actually don’t know the last time I missed three days of work, but there was just no way I could be in a place that handles food.  Hell, I haven’t been fit to be seen in public, period.  It has not been pretty.

But about an hour ago I felt the tide turn.  It was probably when it hit 60° outside and I threw open the windows to blow the damned germs out of here.  But for the first time in a week, I am actually – almost – feeling human.

I credit the soup.

Homemade turkey soup with andouille sausage, boonie pepper, tons of vegetables, and rice discs.  Lots of germ-killing heat.

The rice discs are a bit strange.  I picked them up at Assi a while back and they’ve been in the freezer ever since.  I finally pulled them out.

They are just large, glutinous things.  No flavor to speak of and a bit of a slick texture.  Not bad.  Just different.  As the pot was heated, reheated, and reheated, again, they got softer and more palatable, but I won’t be going out of my way to buy them, again, anytime soon.

In the meantime, I hear birds chirping outside and even though it’s mid-February and I know we still have March to deal with, things are looking up.

If I could just stop coughing…..