The cold from hell has re-reared its ugly head.  That fleeting moment of almost feeling human has deserted me.  I’m back to feeling like I just went ten rounds with Muhammad Ali.  Oh joy.  Oh rapture.

The taste buds and the sense of smell deserted me, as well.  How can I be comforted by comfort food if I can’t taste it?!?  Heck, I can handle being sick, add another ladle of whatever to the bowl, please.  But unable to taste?!?  That’s downright unfair.

It was with this inability to taste that I approached dinner tonight.

I had to go out and shop for Victor’s mom this morning.  I pulled myself together fairly well… at least well enough that children wouldn’t run screaming when they saw me.  That’s one of those things I can generally turn on or off at will.  It’s hell when it’s stuck in the on position.  Kinda like when the verbal filters fail when speaking with your boss.

But I digress…

I picked up mom’s groceries and dropped them off along with a small heart-shaped box of Hershey Miniatures that she’s not supposed to have.  She’s 85.  I told her not to eat them all today and not to tell.

On the way home I decided to pick up a couple of things for us.  Shopping is great when you have no appetite, can’t taste, or smell.  The cart was pretty empty.  But I did notice a fresh turkey breast on sale.  a 9lb turkey breast for 9 bucks?!?  From a local family owned farm?  SOLD!

Okay.  Scratch the last part.  Shady Brook Farm – local place with great reputation and a lot of fun is NOT the same as Shady Brook FARMS which is part of  Cargill Meat Solutions.

Meat Solutions.  That’s their name.  Cargill Meat Solutions.  I didn’t know meat needed a solution.  Of course, if everything wasn’t factory-farmed there wouldn’t be problems that needed solutions.

I’m going to blame this one on illness.

But back when I was all excited about a fresh turkey breast for dinner, I bought a loaf of country white bread to make dressing.  I mean, I’ll be on my death bed and not use store-bought croutons.  But as the day wore on, my desire to make the dressing went away.  Since I wasn’t that hungry anyway, turkey, mashed potatoes, and peas would work just fine.

Victor is being good.  He’s trying not to hover and only asks about a dozen times if I need any help with anything.

Just as I’m getting ready to get everything on the plates, I see the bread.  Hot Turkey Sandwiches flash in my mind.


We even had a can of whole-berry cranberry sauce in the cupboard.

So dinner was a success.  I couldn’t taste anything but the textures were comforting.

And I think it’s getting to be time to crawl back into bed.