When in Rome, do as the Romans.  When in Omaha, have a steak.

The cousins took us out to a steakhouse that’s been around for 80 or so years – Piccolos’s.  On the south side of town down where the stockyards one dominated, it has transitioned from neighborhood bar to night club to a cavernous restaurant with some damned good steaks!

We headed off to the bar while awaiting the gang.  Old-style drinks poured by people who know how to pour a drink.

Into the restaurant we went – a party of 20.

The steaks are all served with an iceberg salad and choice of sides.

I ordered the 20 oz T-bone for $21.00.  Rare.  Really rare.

It was one fine steak.  The sides were a foil-wrapped baked potato and canned green beans, but ya know?!?  I was here for the steak, not the side dishes.  Besides, they were slightly fitting for the environment.

It was the perfect local haunt.