Yes.  That is a hand-made mosaic of San Francisco hanging on our wall outside. It was made by my great-aunt Dolores circa 1963.

Under the mosaic is a new gas grill.  Brand-spankin’ new.  On sale and free money new.

About six weeks ago, my cousin Marcy sent me an email saying she saw my name listed on the unclaimed money list out in California.  She wasn’t positive it was me, but sent me the link.

It was me.

Somewhere along the line, I was owed $360.00 from someone and they couldn’t get a hold of me and I never claimed it.  The State didn’t have the money yet, a private firm still did, so – not expecting anything but thinking “nothing ventured, nothing gained” I sent them an email.

A couple of days later I got an email back telling me to write them a letter telling them who I was and what I was claiming.  Still not thinking much, I mailed it off.

Today, a check arrived for $360.00.

We went down and bought a gas grill after dinner!  $199.  On sale and assembled.

I know how much I talked about charcoal grilling and I still believe it is superior to propane.  But I’m also not grilling as much.  And it kinda defeats the purpose if we’re not using it, right?!?  Right.

So we now have both.  The gas grill has taken the place of honor under Auntie’s picture and the charcoal grill has been relegated to the corner by the shed, but it’s still there for special occasions.

In the meantime, we have a new gas grill that is just begging to be broken in.

Maybe I’ll do hot dogs.