Tonight’s dinner started with an ear of fresh corn.

Next thing I knew, the whole dinner was about corn.  Corn spaghetti noodles came down from the cabinet.  Posole came down from the cabinet.  Children of the corn right here at our house.

The thought process became chicken and corn over corn noodles.

I sauteed a shallot in a pat of butter and added the fresh corn cut from the cob.  Then some diced chicken breast.  Into the pan went a teaspoon of cumin, some garlic, and a pinch of chipotle powder. (I just wanted a bit of smokiness, not a lot of heat.)

Next went a couple of tablespoons of flour and a cup and a half of milk.  And a can of diced green chilies.  And a mini can of sliced black olives.

Then I added some minced basil and oregano from the garden.  Just because.

I thought about adding some cheese to the sauce and then decided I didn’t need to, tonight.  Weigh-in is tomorrow, ya know?!?  (I’m eating homemade vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate on top as I type this… You can tell how serious I’ve taken this week’s eating…)

I also made another batch of those sesame rolls from last night.  And then I didn’t even eat one! (Saving room for ice cream!)

That’s okay, though.  They’ll make great sandwiches.

Or burger buns.