I was recently asked when I plan dinner.  The answer, of course, is “It Depends”.

There are no set rules.  Sometimes it’s a few days in advance, sometimes the night before, sometimes that morning, and sometimes an hour before we’re going to eat.

I know folks who plan out their meals a week in advance and know exactly what they’re going to have on Thursday of any given week.  Not me.  I just can’t say on Monday what I’m going to be in the mood for on Thursday.  Or what mood I’m going to be in to cook whatever it was I thought I was going to be in the mood for.

I usually prefer to wing it a bit.

This morning, however, I knew I wanted burgers on the barbie – even at 0-dark-thirty.

I thought about them all day long.  Bacon and cheese and lettuce and tomatoes and avocados and pickles and mayo and mustard and catsup and potato chips and homemade hamburger buns. All day long.

I got home and made the buns right away.  I used the no-knead dough that is almost a regular feature in our ‘fridge.  It was hot and muggy outside. A perfect proofing room.  In a mere 30 minutes they were ready for the oven.  15 minutes later, they were cooling.

I added juuuuust a little bit of Memphis BBQ Sauce to the beef for a bit of added flavor.  I mean, bacon, cheese, and all that other stuff was just crying out for more.

And all of that savory goodness was screaming for sweet fresh fruit.

I obliged.

In the meantime, the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and were under a severe thunderstorm alert.  The alert warns of the obligatory golf  ball-sized hail and 75 mph winds.


I need to figure out dessert.