We started with Pizzelle’s this morning…  Uncle Rudy’s recipe.


30 seconds per batch.


Perfect cookies every time.

I couldn’t even imagine making them one at a time with a cast iron iron over the open flame of the stove.  Two at a time with a 14 year old to man the iron is my way of making them!


And he has definitely mastered the art!  They came out excellent!

Next on the list were Aunt Emma’s Apricot Cookies.  The filling and the dough are both made a day in advance, so it’s actually a fairly easy roll, cut, fill, shape, bake process.


Another perfect batch.

Knock wood, but these have all been the best cookies – ever.  Aunt Emma, Aunt Dolores, Uncle Rudy, Mom… they’re all really watching after us this year.

It is good!