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Baking Cookies

We’ve barely even started when Uncle Victor whacks Gino in the face with a handful of flour.  let the baking begin!

While I was at work, the gang made Aunt Emma’s dough, and pizzelle dough.


They then started working on sugar cookies.



We decided decorating these would be free-form/ecclectic.  I mean, anyone can make a snowman look like a snowman, right?!?  It takes talent to step outside of the box!


We’re talented!


Very talented!


Next was a batch of sugar-free Biscotti for Nonna.  Victor came up with a Slenda recipe a few years ago that’s actually edible.

We then got back to some serious candy-making.  Aunt Dolores’ Rum Balls.  The kids rolled and then chocolate-dipped all of them.




The Rum Balls may be just the best, ever.  I think these are the most like what Auntie made that I’ve ever made.  I could eat these all night! {{{hic}}}

We also got Vanilla Almond Thumbprints baked off and then made caramels.


Tomorrow is going to be an early start – making Aunt Emma’s cookies, biscotti, pizzelles…  Plus the Walnut Logs, the Peppermint Patties, the Pfeffernusse…

Boy, am I glad we’ve cut back!  🙂

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