I have not been making time to be here the past few days.  I’ve been cooking – and even taking pictures – but I haven’t sat down here long enough to say anything about any of it.  Shame on me.

It’s time to play ketchup.  Er…  catsup.  Uh…  Catch-up.

The most fun item is a new cookbook from Guam!  Our sister-in-law’s nephew Jay sent it to us and I am just psyched!  The book is Guam Super Cookbook and it is going to become a staple in the kitchen right away!  It is just way too much fun!

I absolutely love cookbooks written by home cooks and other real people.  These are the recipes passed down from generation to generation; family traditions or just good food made with local ingredients. (And we still have some Guamanian Boonie Pepper!)    Food is the great equalizer, and to me, this is how one really learns about another culture.  I plan on being a very good student!

This is from the cookbook website:

Inside the Guam Super Cookbook you will find a culmination of all-time favorite local recipes from generations ago. Plus, a world of tempting recipes submitted by many island residents wanting to share priceless recipes that have worked for them and recipes that have been passed onto them. From daring “pika” shrimp kelaguén just oozing with island fresh coconut and dripping in lemon juice, to an irresistible and scrumptious black magic cake ­all made from scratch, or let your taste buds take an exciting adventure with an awesome Greek salad. You too can enjoy all the flavors of what´s cooking all across Guam´s kitchens with easy-to-follow recipes when you want it at home, and much more.

Also, discover an array of hard-to-believe healthy choice recipes. Recipes designed by the University of Guam, Cooperative Extension Service, College of Natural and Applied Sciences in conjunction with increasing efforts to help prevent and combat health risks associated with diabetes. Try the mouth-watering oyster and chicken with broccoli, or a local lip-smacking favorite – eggplant in coconut milk and many other incredibly tasty dishes. ­It´s absolutely delicious you´ll wonder how it all could still be good for you, so go ahead and dig in!

There’s over 100 recipes that are just calling my name!  I see a lot of fun dinners in our future!

Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Jay!


It was also time to make some cranberry sauces for Thursday.  We’re heading to DC in the morning for a quick 15th Anniversary trip (A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre on Monday!) and then it’s work Tuesday and Wednesday.  Not a lot of time to do anything…

Fortunately, Cranberry Sauce is THE easiest thing in the word to make.  1 bag cranberries, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water.  That’s the basic and it’s pretty good just like that.

Of course, I had to tweak things just a bit.  I added a diced apple and a quarter-cup of grenadine liqueur to the pot for one batch, and for the second, a container of blackberries and some port.


Both of them came out fantastic.  Here are some other cranberry sauce recipes we’ve come up with in the past.  Try several of them!

And, finally, here are a couple of pictures of the last couple of nights dinners…

First was a Chicken Sofrito and Rice casserole.


I cooked up whole grain brown rice, and while that was simmering, I cut up a chicken breast, sauteed it, added a jar of Sofrito sauce, half a container of cherry tomatoes, and a small can of sliced black olives.

I stirred in the cooked rice, then added some cubes of cheese.  Into the oven for about 20 minutes.  Delish!

And what’s better than homemade oven-baked French Fries?!?  Why… serving them with a chicken and bacon sandwich!


The next couple of days will be restaurant meals.  I’m sure we’ll be heading back to DuPont Circle and the bookstore restaurant for at least one meal…

And then it’s Thanksgiving!