We were out museum-hopping today in Washington, DC.  The Sunday before Thanksgiving seems to be a perfect time to visit… The crowds are definitely elsewhere!

We were at the National Museum of American History lusting after Julia Child’s kitchen


when we decided to get lunch… The Constitution Cafe or the Stars and Stripes Cafe?!?  Decisions, decisions…  We opted for the Stars and Stripes.

$34.48 later, we had 2 cheeseburgers, 2 fried cheese curds, 2 bags of chips, a coffee, and a soda.  This is how they keep the museums free – over-charging in the eateries.

The food was okay and the service what one would expect from folks who have to deal with the general public all day long.  It was just expensive for what it was. Oh well… everything else is free…

So it’s four museums later and time for a bit of a rest before heading out again tonight.  We did see a lot and did a lot of walking.  Good for working off the fried cheese curds!

I think we’ll be traveling back to DuPont Circle and to the bookshop cafe where we had dinner last month.

Tomorrow is Ford’s Theatre and A Christmas Carol.

Oh… and when we were checking in and chatting with the Front Desk clerk, I casually mentioned it was our 15th Anniversary.  We were upgraded to a king suite.

What fun!