It’s the All-Pumpkin, All-The-Time channel!  Just be the 4th caller with the correct answer and you, too, could…

Ooops…  I got carried away, there.  Pumpkin can do that to me.

In my (seemingly) never-ending quest to find new and/or different uses for pumpkin puree, I definitely thought a pasta sauce of sorts should be in the running.  Trouble was, I didn’t feel like pasta tonight.  I did have some pierogi in the ‘fridge, though, and they are always good (and only 250 calories for FOUR of them!)

They were potato and spinach, we had spinach in the freezer, pumpkin and walnuts go with everything…  I had a plan.

I browned a handful of chopped walnuts in a pat of butter, added a cup of pumpkin puree and some chicken broth to thin.  Salt and pepper.  That was it.

That was the second sauce.  The first one I threw away.  The above really was what I was looking for, but I had some leftover tomatillo sauce from the other night, so I thought I would see if I could rework it into a pumpkin sauce.  It didn’t work, and it would have taken too much work to make it work.  It wasn’t worth the effort, especially because it really wasn’t what I wanted in the first place.  Live and learn?  I doubt it.  Down the drain.

A petit pan-fried steak finished the plate.

And to finish us, a pumpkin pie in a bowl!


Here I made my basic pumpkin pie recipe and added an oatmeal and maple topping.  Into 8oz souffle cups and into the oven for about 30 minutes.

And what pumpkin treat will tomorrow see?!?

Stay tuned.