Victor cooked dinner again, tonight!   He and his mom stopped by to visit me whilst I was grilling all those steaks today and we briefly talked about dinner tonight.  I said I thought I’d do a pasta dish with some of the veggies in the ‘fridge.  We left it at that.

Fast-forward a few hours and we’re both home and Victor says he’ll cook dinner!    I’m psyched. He really is a good cook and I just love the things he puts together from whatever is in the house. Tonight is a perfect case in point.

I had oven-dried a few dozen plum tomatoes from the garden and they’re in the ‘fridge in olive oil.  He took a few of those, half a zucchini, some mushrooms, peas, pancetta, garlic, cheese ravioli, and locatelli and made a fantabulous pasta dish.

Excellent, indeed!

Calorie-wise, it wasn’t “lite” by any stretch of the imagination – the ravioli were a good 400 calories and the pancetta alone was 300 – but we 1) didn’t clean our plates (as much as both of us could have!!!) and 2) we didn’t have a loaf of garlic bread along with it!  Our plan is eating sensibly – but not being fanatics, either.  A bit of balance.

So… my tummy is smiling and I am smiling.

Have I ever mentioned how spoiled I am?

I love it!