Whilst doing my Monday shopping, I happened upon a nice little sale at the local market – whole tenderloins of beef for a mere $3.98/lb!  Last time I bought a full tenderloin was almost 2 years ago – and it costs me a hundred bucks.  These were “one per customer” so I grabbed my one and headed to the check-out.  Five pounds of really tender beef.  20 bucks.   Deal.

And the best deal was it’s Australian beef; all natural, no hormones or other crap one so easily finds in standard American beef.

So… I get home, unpack all the groceries (I had done my produce shopping in the same trip) and notice I forgot paper towels and seltzer. I headed back to the store – and picked up another tenderloin. Ten pounds, forty bucks.  REAL DEAL!

I got everything put away, sharpened my knife, and went to work.


10 minutes later, I had 10 steaks, a pound and a half roast (I see a Boeuf Wellington in our future!) and steak tips and stew meat.  I don’t think there was 8 ounces of trim-waste from both pieces.

We now have a plethora of meals in the freezer – at a serious fraction of the cost it would normally be.  I love it!


The first one will be tonight.

Stay tuned!