It’s the last dinner at home for a while…

We’re headed off to Seattle in the wee hours of the morning, and then to Portland Thursday morning.

I am really looking forward to seeing friends and family – I am NOT looking forward to going to the @#!$%& airport and dealing with the @#!$%& airlines and the @#!$%& “security” and the whole degradation that is flying, today.  Unfortunately, I actually can remember when flying meant getting dressed up, seats were comfortable and roomy – in coach – and reasonably nice food was served – also in coach – on china.  AND it was included in the price of the ticket – along with a smiling flight attendant.

Oh well…  I did spring for non-stop tickets.  That will take part of the pain away…

I’m not bringing a computer with me – this is a real vacation – so I probably won’t be back here until the 18th or so.  But I do plan on taking LOTS of pictures!

See ya in a week!