Every time I pull down the lingonberry vinegar, I think of Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol and Tiny Tim singing “and razzleberry dressing…”. I lead a sheltered life.  What can I say?!?

Unfortunately, I just used the last of it and last time I was at Ikea, they didn’t have any.  (I did pick up a bottle of lingonberry concentrate so maybe I’ll make my own.)

But I digress…

Tonight’s salad was a ‘start cleaningt out the ‘fridge we’re going on vacation in a few days’ concoction.  I cut up one boneless/skinless chicken breast and sauteed it with a splash of the aforementioned lingonberry vinegar.  I pulled it out of the skillet and added some mushrooms and broccoli.  I let it all cool a bit and into a big bowl it went with a big handful of spinach, 6 sliced radishes, 2 shredded carrots, a huge tomato from the garden, sliced and diced, and 2 hard cooked eggs, also sliced and diced.

The Razzleberry Dressing was a splash of the lingonberry vinegar with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Nothing else.  Simple.  I added the dressing, tossed everything together, and onto the plates it went.

I didn’t do a nutritional analysis tonight, but I know that I did well enough that I can do a bit of something for dessert, tonight – after the treadmill.

Oh…  and a secret for using less salad dressing?  Dress your salad in a salad bowl and then plate it!  Add about a third to a half of the amount of dressing tyou think you’ll need and then toss well.  Odds are you will not need to add any more!