I’ve been a bit remiss in my salad-making this summer.  It’s strange because I’ve probably been buying a lot more produce than in years past – it’s just not ending up on a plate with a dressing.  It probably has a bit to do with the charcoal grill vs the old gas grill, too.  It was easier to toss something on the gas grill and then use it to top a salad.  Now… if I’m starting a fire, I want something a bit more substantial.  Trade-offs….

But… the coals were lit tonight for a couple of chicken breasts sprinkled with a bit of garlic, olive oil, S&P.  I also grilled some Belgian endive – excellent on the grill!

I also added tomatoes and avocado, and served it atop fresh arugula.

Victor made a vinaigrette with orange juice, balsamic and olive oil, with garlic and herbs from the garden.

I’m going to have to do these more often.  (Except tomorrow…  I have a couple of steaks that are ready for the charcoal…)