Yes, we’re still cooking.  It’s been a bit of a crazy week with a new website being launched and working on a couple of others.  My time in front of the computer has been more business than pleasure.  But… It’s Sunday, and that always means stopping for a bit to relax and regroup.

This morning, Victor was rummaging around the kitchen looking for breakfast ideas.  There was less than a cup of pancake mix, no breakfast meats, plenty of eggs and potatoes…  I was explaining an easy way to stretch the pancake mix and next thing I knew, I was making breakfast (his clever ruse worked)!

I just added a bit of self-rising flour, 2 eggs, a splash of heavy cream, a teaspoon of sugar, vanilla, and a handful of walnuts, and pancakes were on the griddle.

Maple syrup and lingonberry preserves and a good cuppa coffee…..


And in just a while, we’re off to see Victor’s mom and then stop off and get a new grill. A charcoal grill.  I’m going for closer to bottom of the line than top of the line.  I’m not finding a lot of reason to spend a lot of money on one of these things – regardless of how much we grill during the summer.  I think my main criterion right now is stability.  I don’t want it to collapse under the weight of a couple of hot dogs.

Otherwise, bare-bones is good.

Film at 11.