After grilling steaks all day long, I really wasn’t in the mood to come home and grill some more.  Mariel to the rescue!  Marie and I work together and she mentioned she was making BLT’s.  I immediately knew I had to have one for dinner.  It was a perfect idea.

I got home and first thing I said to Victor was “how about BLT’s for dinner”?  His immediate response was “start cooking”!  It seems he was really in the mood for a BLT, as well!

We already had a multigrain pullman loaf, so I toasted some nice, thick slices, cooked some bacon, slathered on the mayo, and we had an early dinner.

It was absolutely perfect.  Just what I wanted.

I also cut up a huge batch of fruit salad – melon, strawberries, blackberries, and added a bit of champagne.  Everything is better with champagne, right?!?

And now it’s sit back and relax.

Cupcakes later on.

Life is good.