I didn’t plan well today.  Actually, I didn’t plan at all.

I got home and realized I hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer.   I hadn’t called Victor to ask him to take something out of the freezer.  There is lots of stuff in the freezer.  It’s all frozen.  Really frozen.

I pulled out a couple of pork chops and put ’em on the counter.  Clank. They were really, really frozen.

I figured I could thaw in the microwave (not really an option – I hate doing that), thaw under running water (for an hour), or just put them on the grill frozen, knowing they were going to be pretty much shoe-leather, but it’s my own fault.

I chose door number three.

So imagine my shock, surprise, and utter delight when they came out pretty darn good!  Granted, they were not as tender and succulent as they would have been had they been properly thawed, but they weren’t the nasty shoe-leather I was expecting, either.  I was pleased.

I grilled them with a bit of the guava sauce I made the other day and they had a nice little kick to them.  Frozen mixed vegetables and Israeli couscous and dinner was complete.

I’m going in to pull something out of the freezer right now.