Somehow we ended up with more eggs than ever before.  And we didn’t buy ANY egg coloring stuff – and we had a whole shopping bag full.  This was our 8th Annual Egg Coloring and Pizza party.  It seems we’ve been collecting things over the years…

While we have hosted the party in the past, this year we passed the baton (or egg basket) to Leah and Ross – and a fine job they did!

LOTS of food, LOTS of eggs, LOTS of fun!


We had Uncle Rudy’s Easter Pie, along with lots of pizza, salads, and cookies.



The pizza was from some place in South Philly where they know how to make pizza.  Leah and Elizabeth made the cookies.


We started out neat and clean…


But it didn’t take long to get the mess into high gear…


We are professionals, after all…


A good time was had by all, and I can’t wait to ake some chipotle deviled eggs tomorrow!

It’s gonna be a fun day!