Last night was going to be Mexican.  Tonight was!  Chimichangas!

A chimichanga is, essentially, a deep-fried burrito.  And since burritos can have any filling one wants to put into them,  dinner is only limnited by your imagination and ingredients in the kitchen!  Well – and pots and pans…  I dirtied FIVE pans for dinner tonight.  This may be a record for a school-night meal!

Our kitchen is pretty well stocked in the Mexican-ingredient department.  There are chipotles in adobo, several salsas (canned and jarred), diced green chilis, sofrito sauce, chipotle sauce, and a score of ground chili peppers from mild to uncurl you eyelashes hot, refried beans, pinto beans, black beans…  You get the picture.

Tonight, I finely diced a chicken breast, sauteed it, and then added sofrito sauce and chipotle sauce and simmered it for a few…  I spooned a bit onto a handmade (not by me!) flour tortilla, added a chunk of pepper jack cheese, and rolled them up.  I then fried them in oil.

The toppings were the fun part!  Besides Spanish rice and refried beans, there was guacamole, sour cream, black olives, green onions, and a killer sauce made from a canned Mexican salsa, chipotle sauce, and a picante sauce.


It was good!