Leftovers can be a boon or a bane.

There’s only the two of us, but at any given moment, half the neighborhood could drop in for dinner and there would still be doggie bags.  I have never learned to cook in small quantities.  Sometimes, that leftover whatever is great (especially if it’s dessert-oriented!) and other times seeing day four of a cassoulet can be discouraging to say the least.  Right now we’re in the “oh good” phase.

Two things from dinner the other night were calling me today – the guava glaze and the fruit salsa.  The glaze probably has a refrigerated shelf-life just short of plutonium.  The salsa I would give a week, tops.  And both of them transfer well from pork to chicken.  A dinner was born.

I brushed the glaze onto the chicken and onto the grill it went.  Brown rice cooked with chicken broth and a pat of butter, and frozen peas.  (Somehow I tried to corner the market on frozen peas.  I seem to have bought bags and bags of them.  Fortunately they’re frozen and I don’t have to get overly creative with them right away…)

But I digress…

A really simple (and tasty) dinner and more cake later tonight.

I think at some point I may rework the glaze into more of a barbecue-type sauce – I still have a cup or so and it’s really thick.  It would probably work really well on ribs.  We shall see – and I do have time…