I was looking at a Citrus Chicken recipe the other day that called for dredging the chicken in coconut flour after marinating it in lemon juice.  I had lots of lemons but no coconut flour.  But I did have unsweetened coconut.  And all sorts of other fun stuff!

I took the concept and then winged it, as usual…

I marinated the chicken in lemon juice and then  dredged the chicken in flour, then egg, then a mixture of coconut and ground cashews.

I did a quick saute and then it went into the oven to finish.

I heated the lemon marinade with Moore’s teriyaki sauce and then thickened it with a bit of cornstarch.

Brown rice and brussel’s sprouts, and dinner was served.

And then I made another panettone bread pudding for dessert.  Just half the recipe.  I have to watch my trim, boyish figure, after all…