I bought a corned beef quite a while ago and it’s been sitting in frozen storage ever since.  Last night before going to bed, I decided I wanted that corned beef!  Out it came to thaw, and off to bed I went.

About noon it went into a pot filled with water.  At 4pm it came out.  At 4:30pm, a couple of whole potatoes went into the pot.  At 5:15pm, in went some carrots and celery.  At 5:45pm, dinner was served.

I also popped a loaf of bread into the oven about 4:15pm, inbetween taking the corned beef out of the pot and putting the potatoes in…  Organization is key in all thinks.

The bread was my most favorite Quick Beer Bread.  I used a bottle of Guinness thin time around.


Since Victor doesn’t really care for cabbage all that much, I didn’t make any.  Actually, since it was snowing outside, I decided not to go shopping today.  I was planning to cook some for myself.

Oh well.  It was really good without it!