The taste is fantastic, but it’s still not quite right. I’m fighting the recipe or something.  I dunno.

The first batch of dough I made this morning was the same greasy nightmare dough I first made last year.   I knew before finishing it that it was wrong.  Into the garbage it went.  I have a reasonably good idea of what the dough should feel like, but it’s not coming together for me.   One of the issues is I’m not used to dealing with adding flour to a liquid that has so much fat in it.  I’m more used to adding the fat after the flour and liquid have come together.  And somewhere along the line, I’m just not hitting that magic moment when everything just comes together.

I know that I added a bit too much flour to this batch, and that had dire consequencse when I did the final roll and form.  The 1/3 fold-over started coming apart while it was going through its final proofing, and it completely came apart in the oven, making a flat bread instead of the taller and narrower bread it’s supposed to be.

But it sure does taste good, and in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather have tastes good but doesn’t look perfect rather than looks perfect but doesn’t taste good.  (Actually, I’d rather have looks and tastes perfect, but I’m not losing any sleep over this… )


I’m also finishing up the Peppermint Patties.   These have to dry before getting dipped in chocolate.  They’re the best (and easiest!) Peppermint Patty you’ll ever have!