The weather outside is frightful.  Okay.  Just cold – which to this thin-blooded San Franciscan – is not as enjoyable as a warm ocean breeze.  Oh well.  It gives me an excuse to stay indoors and finish the cookies.

Today is adding the finishing touches…  the chocolate-dipping.  It’s the most tedious and the most fun at the same time.  I love making everything look fun and festive – and dipping peppermint patties one-by-one is fun for the first tray.  By tray three I’m always swearing I’m not making them next year.  Of course, I do, because I really like to eat them…


Today’s cookies started with dark chocolate dipped macadamia nut orange biscotti, milk chocolate dipped walnut butter cookies, dark chocolate covered peppermint patties, and white chocolate dipped lemon coconut cookies.


I have one more cookie to bake, and then we can start making the trays to give away…..

Ho Ho Ho! 🙂