A while back I picked up a pork roast with the thought of cutting it into chops.  It’s really a lot less expensive to buy larger pieces of meat and cut them yourself.  Besides, I then get to decide exactly how thick I want my chops…  Thin for cutlets, thick for stuffing… But I never did cut it up.  After three days of sitting in the ‘fridge, it went – whole – into the freezer.

And it was fortuitous that it did, because there it was, ready for me to come up with a simple stuffing.

I browned 2 links of hot Italian sausage, a couple of ribs of celery, half an onion, a splash of broth, bread crumbs and an egg…

Next, I sliced oped the roast, laid it out flat, spead on the stuffing, rolled it up, and tied it together with kitchen twine.

Into a 350° oven about an hour, and it was ready.  I whipped up some polenta – added some corn to it for texture – and cooked up some peas.

It was yummy.  And easy.  I thought of making a quick pan gravy and then decided heck with it.  It would have been good, but I was ready to sit down and eat.