Coming home to a fresh-baked cheesecake is always a treat.  Coming home to a raspberry cheesecake with a chocolate walnut crust is nothing short of spectacular!

And boy, does it taste good!

Victor followed our totally tried-and-true cheesecake recipe and it didn’t fail.  The filling recipe is great in that it can be  tweaked in any number of ways to make totally different variations – as he did by swirling in some raspberry sauce he made…  The chocolate and the walnut of the crust just made everything fit together perfectly.

We had mini-burgers for dinner tonight.  Tiny cheeseburgers on little petite rolls.  I had bleu cheese on mine.  Victor opted for monterey jack.  And we both liberally slathered Happy Hal’s Jalapeno Relish on the buns!

Some french fries and dinner was done.  Yumlicious!