We made our train with barely 10 minutes to spare. We are now safely ensconced on The Capitol Limited to Pittsburgh.  I was starting to get worried.  Not that I’m neurotic about being on time, or anything…

First thing we did was go to dinner.  We had skipped lunch in anticipation of eating with Kate and Lori… We all know how that turned out.  Dammit.  But we survived.

The dinner special tonight was Crab Cakes.  They were actually really good.  Heavy on the crab, light on the filler.  We both enjoyed them.  Passing through another time zone immediately has made it nighty-night time.  We have to be up well before the crack of dawn to change trains one last time to Paoli.

Tomorrow we leave First Class and downgrade to Business Class.

How Sad.  I could get used to this.