Yes, it’s true.  We have left the luxury of our First Class Private suites to Business Class.  From breakfast freshly prepared and served at a table, to a microwaved breakfast sandwich and Entemann’s danish at our seat.  Welcome to the last leg of our journey – the Pennsylvanian, from Pittsburgh to Paoli.

I’m not really complaining, though.  Even a crowded coach car would be vastly superior to an airline.  There’s just no comparing service.

We’ll be home in a couple of hours – the most relaxing trip we have taken in years.  All because airplanes and airports were not involved.

The airlines could take such a lesson from Amtrak – Customer Service to begin with.  Communication.  Information.  People SPOKE to us and let us know what was going on.  There was regular communication from every staff member.  Every time there was a delay, every time anything out of the ordinary came about, someone told us about it and kept us updated as things changed.  People smiled.  They acted as if they actually were enjoying their jobs.   What a concept.

If there was a way to swing it, I’d never get on an airplane, again.

So… we’re home in a few hours.  The puppy dog is going to go crazy.

So are we.