We hadn’t seen Renee in far too long, so we made sure we would make time to see her while we were here.  After deciding Sunday Brunch, we made her choose the restaurant.  In honor of the presidential election, she chose Maverick.

What an excellent choice.  Located in just about my favorite part of the city – 17th and Valencia – the menu was perfectly innovative and ecclectic.  Our waitress had just a bit too much attitude for not being a native – she was probably from Des Moines or Peoria – but the food was just excellent.

Victor and Renee started out with Pomegranate Mimosas. They were flavorful and unique. I had coffee.  Good, strong coffee.  A pretty bottomless cup, too.  They kept it filled.

The menu was fun, with quite a few interesting items, but one item jumped right out and said “Order ME.”

It was an Andouille Sausage “Benedict.” Diced grilled andouille sausage and crawfish on an English muffin, topped with perfectly poached eggs, and an outrageous jalapeno hollandaise.  Crispy cubed potatoes on the side. OMG!  This is one I will be reproducing at home as soon as we get back.  It was just unbelievably good.  If I say much more I’m going to be accused of gushing, but damn, it was good.  Victor ordered it, too.  He did a bit of raving, as well.

Renee went for the Pecan Crusted French Toast. It was three slices of heavily pecan-crusted toast, Nueske bacon, and warm Vermont maple syrup.  It was really good, with great flavor and texture – but I thought our “benedict” was better…  This is one that will be easy to recreate, too.  Except the bacon.  It comes from Wisconsin.  I’ll stay with my Niman Ranch…

The star of this show, though, was Renee.  It was just so much fun seeing her and talking to her.  It really has been too long.  We need to somehow work out a way to have an income without actually having to spend time going to work somewhere.  I’d really like to be able to spend time with family and friends and do things like this on a regular basis.

Time to buy a lottery ticket.  And then head to Eileen’s.  There’s more food to be eaten today.

3316 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110