What was supposed to be our wedding on our 14th Anniversary turned into a huge party at my sister’s house.  Surrounded by family and friends, we had fun.

And the food…  We started off with mom’s olive puffs… We have to have them at any family gathering. Ham, turkey, tri-tip roasts, shredded potato casserole, fresh green beans and a homemade variation on the infamous green bean casserole… Apple pies, pumpkin pies… We ate.  And ate.

It was a non-stop food-fest.

And all those little kids!  I looked around and wondered when all those little babies became adults with babies of their own.  How can my eldest nephew be turning 31 in a couple of weeks?  I wasn’t that old when he was born.

Laughing, joking, telling stories about my parents – watching the video of their 50th Wedding Anniversary 10 years ago with everyone in tears… And then eating some more. Food – the great comforter.

We took hundreds of pictures.

It was just what life is supposed to be all about –

Family, Food, and Fun.

We have all three in immeasurable quantities.