I just got my cellular service set up for our train ride back from San Francisco.

We fly out to San Francisco on the 19th and will return via the train Novemnber 25th, arriving in Paoli on the 28th…   It’s still a ways away, but I wanted to make sure everything is set before we leave.  Mr Detail-Neurotic.  that’s me…

We’re bringing the laptops and the iPods so we can watch movies and listen to books and the like, but I want to be able to get online and post about the train and the trip.  Hopefully, I’ll have a lot of fun pictures of great food in the dining car to write about.  Or, I’ll have a bunch of pictures of really sucky food in the dining car to write about. In any event, I now will be able to do it whilst travelling in the train!  My last cross country train ride was well over 20 years ago when I went from Boston to San Francisco.  There were no laptop computers then.  No cellular service.  I was actually incomunicado for several days.  I didn’t have a sleeper. I think on that trip I just drank a lot.

This time, though, we’re going first class – literally.  Private compartment with bed, bath, and shower.  All meals included.  Sheets and towels and turn-down service.  How sweet it shall be!

It was supposed to be our Honeymoon trip until Proposition 8 got in the way of things.

Oh well…  we’re going to have a fun time, regardless!  And I can’t wait to get home and see everyone!