I knew this morning that I was going to make Chicken Pot Pie for dinner tonight.  I just didn’t know if I was going to make individual pies or one big one.  Well… One big one won out.  And purely because I was feeling gluttonous; if I made individual pies, it would be more difficult to have seconds – or thirds.  And I must admit I did stick the spoon back into the dish a third time.  Granted, it wasn’t a huge third spoon, but it does help explain why I don’t have a 28″ waist.

This is the type of food I grew up with.  Six kids meant making things stretch – and soups, stews, pot pies, etc., were definitely the way to do it.

And like my mother before me, I don’t have a recipe.  These are the kinds of things one just makes.

What I did do, though was cut up a chicken breast.  I diced a small onion and sauteed it in a bit of butter.  I added the chicken and a handful of chopped celery.  I put in a bit of poultry seasoning, salt and pepper.  Nothing fancy.  I cut up a couple of carrots and added them to the pot.  And then a couple of cups of chicken broth and a few potatoes, cubed.  I didn’t peel anything.  Oh – and a cup or so of frozen peas.

I let it all simmer until the potatoes were nearly done, added a splash of heavy cream, and thickened it with my favorite Beurre Manié.

Into the crust-lined dish and then added the top crust.  I didn’t trim anything, just folded it under, because the crust is the best part.  I use all of it!

And then into a 425º oven for about 20 minutes.