Underneath that cheese and those tomatoes is a kickapoo Tomato Chutney covering a grilled chicken breast.  Can we say “delicious” boys and girls?!?

We got in a new product yesterday – a Tomato Chutney – that is just fantastic!  Those who know me, know I don’t usually go gaga over things.  I’m going gaga over the Tomato Chutney, though!  It is just the kind of thing I totally love!  There is so much flavor going on, you forget that it’s also hot and spicy.  They did a good job with this one!

And…  I got to learn a bit about chutneys in general.  I have made chutneys in the past – and everyone knows “Major Grey’s Chutney” but I always thought chutney by definition was meant to be chunky.  Ooops!  I was wrong!  Like salsa, it can be chunky or smooth – and smooth is probably more traditional, as it is often made in a pestle with mortar, crushing everything together.  (I learned French cooking in school – what do I know?!?)

I have a hundred and one ideas going through my head for this stuff – including using it in soup for a demo at work in a couple of weeks.  I’m definitely going to put it on a grilled cheese sandwich, and on a burger?!?  Definitely!  With sliced and roasted potatoes…  In a homemade BBQ sauce…

The possibilities are endless!