We were watching one of the many cooking shows on TV yesterday, when one of them (Tyler?!?) came up with an upside-down apple french toast. It looked fabulous.

I didn’t really pay too close attention to what he was doing, but one thing I did notice was he put heavy cream into the brown sugar and butter mixture to bring it together.  GREAT idea!  Today, decided I wanted to make something similar for dessert tonight with the fabulous peaches we bought yesterday.  Into the kitchen I went.

I melted a cube of butter in the pan and added about a cup of brown sugar, made a nice caramel.  I then added the heavy cream and it looked perfect!  I pulled it off the heat and added walnuts, and then thick pieces of peach all around.

I topped it with slices of bread dipped into a basic French toast batter (eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon) and layered them on top.

Into the oven for 45 minutes and out it came, looking fabulous!

I inverted it onto a plate and woooosh – a gallon of caramel ran all over the place!  Where Tyler’s apple was kind of sticky-gooey and all held nicely together, mine was a runny mess.

I got a deeper rimmed dish and replated it, sauce and all.

It may not look like the professional version on TV, but I can guarantee it will taste fantastic!

So what went wrong, you ask?!?

I think I just made too much caramel.  I could have easily made the sauce with a half-cube of butter and less sugar and cream. That, and the peaches are definitely juicier than apples…

What the hell…  It’s gonna be great!

I was right.  It was GREAT!