We’ve been cooking up a storm at work, recreating all of the recipes submitted for the recipe contest.  It has not been an easy task.  We actually received too many good recipes!  (okay – so everyone should have such a problem!)

And the tastes linger well after leaving work and coming home…

One recipe today did just that.  It’s a Chicken and Blue Cheese Dip.   The flavors mixed well and the tasting panel really thought it would make a great filling for something like crepes, or even whole wheat tortillas (besides its original intent as a dip!)  In our personal cooking, we don’t limit ourselves to a few ingredients, and the ideas were flying – crisp steamed vegetables folded in and rolled into a crepe was one of my favorites. I think it’s a sign we’re all pretty serious foodies (or totally nuts – you be the judge!) when the first thing out of our mouths is what else we could do with something…

So I got home tonight and started thinking about dinner, and thought that a chicken and blue cheese enchilada would be the ticket!

The only actual ingredient I had at home from the original recipe was the chicken breasts.  But did that stop me?!?  Of course not!

I poached the chicken breasts in water.  I added garlic powder, turmeric, cumin, and chipotle powder and let the chicken stew.

Into a bowl I crumbled a bit of roquefort cheese and sour cream.  I added a bit of cheddar for body and balance.  I have some Calypso Hot Sauce (really, really hot!) and added a few drops for heat.

I made an enchilada sauce from a half-jar of Salsa Autentica, a can of tomato sauce, and a bit of the simmering chicken water.

I rolled the filling in corn tortillas, topped with sauce, and baked at 350° for about 20 minutes.  I also made rice and served it all with sour cream and a quickly-prepared uacamole.

Dinner start-to-finish was about 45 minutes.

And I am pleasantly stuffed.