Macaroni and Cheese

Spring sprung a bit yesterday.  That, and I had a craving for cheese.  Macaroni and Cheese was the answer…

My mother made the best mac and cheese.  She would save the odds and ends of her various cheeses and one night when my father was at the firehouse, she would whip up and incredible baked dish.  It was never quite the same because the various cheeses would always change – but it was always fantastic.  Thick, gooey, and covered in toasty, buttery crumbs.

Her recipe is pretty easy to replicate – a simple white sauce with a bit of garlic, cayenne, worcestershire, and S&P.  Stir in shredded cheeses of choice, mix with cooked macaroni, top with buttered bread crumbs and bake at 350 until nuclear hot.

I purposely bought cheddar with caramalized onions and sheeps milk cheese to make this with, but when I got home, there was still a hunk of new Zealand grass-fed cheddar and some cheddar curds in the fridge, so I used them with the sheeps milk cheese and will save the other cheddar for something this weekend – maybe cheddar and mushroom sandwiches…

Pear Tart

Victor made dessert while I was working!  Pear Tart with an oatmeal crumb topping.  I don’t have a recipe (he didn’t either, just threw it together.  But dayum, it was good!

Pear Tart