Dinner is served

“Fusion” – in culinary terms – is the blending or combining of different cultures and styles of food.  Tonight, our dinner was definitely fusion.  CONfusion…

I started off with Chimichurri Rice.  Chimichurri is a sauce or marinade originally from Argentina, but popular in parts of South and Central America.  On our last trip to San Francisco, we stopped off at Cost Plus and picked up some chimichurri spice mixture.  The directions say to make it into a marinade.  I thought rice was a better idea.

I first sauteed onions, bell pepper, the chimichurri spice in olive oil and then added canned diced tomatoes.  One cup of rice went in next, along with beef broth.  Cover, simmer 20 minutes.

I took boneless pork steaks and covered them liberally with ancho, pasillo, birdseye, and arbol chili powders, and a bit of salt.  Onto the grill they went.

Spicy Pork

The confusion part comes with the serving – in pitas!

Lettuce and chopped heirloom tomatoes and a Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, and lemon sauce.  The yogurt abd cucumber sauce was really necessary – the pork was s-p-i-c-y!  It was yumlicious.