Cheeseburger in paradise

Victor was supposed to fly out to Dallas this afternoon.  I usually eat like a slob when he’s gone.  My favorite meal is a chili dog with raw onions and cheese.  Pure bachelor heaven.

He didn’t make it out today for reasons beyond our control, so I had to think fast for dinner.  What’s better than a good ol’ cheeseburger?

Fresh sesame kaiser rolls, bacon, avocado, heirloom tomato, dill pickle slices, alfalfa sprouts, havarti cheese, mayonnaise – and a hamburger.  OMG was it good!  And what a mess to eat!

Just trying to slice it in half was a chore – and taking a bite and having everything slip-and-slide all over the place was a treat.  The second half was such a mess I ended up eating it with a knife and fork.  We went through LOTS of napkins.

I am now really, really stuffed – and really glad Victor didn’t leave today!

Tomorrow I work late, but Wednesday?!?  I see a chili dog in my future…