Moore’s Marinades
I’ve been visiting an online forum based in South Carolina.  I’ve never really spent any time in South Carolina – and am fairly ignorant about the state.  I know about Hilton Head Island and I’ve spent about 20 minutes in Charleston, (and know that they rank #1 in the country in dirty politics) but that’s been about it.  And then I started talking to the locals…

Food is the great equilizer and I started asking a few questions and reading a few entries.  I spied one post that was talking about Moore’s Marinade vs Dale’s Seasoning.  Having never heard of either, I went online to check them out.

They both sounded good, but Dale’s would only ship full cases – $48.00 plus shipping.  That’s a lot of marinade – especially since I don’t know what it tastes like!

Moore’s, on the other hand, offers a 6-pack – 2 bottles each of Original, Teriyaki, and Buffalo Sauce for only $25.27 including shipping.  I figured what the hell – I’d be bound to like at least one of them…  I ordered online and they arrived within a few days.  On the credit card receipt was hand-written: “Timothy warmest thank you.”  When was the last time you were thanked in person for a purchase, let alone for a purchase made online?  They’ve made me a lifetime customer!

So far… I really like two – and that’s because I’ve only tried two!  Victor’s mom was over today so I asked her if she wanted to stay for lunch.  I was doing burgers with the Moore’s Original following the recipe on the bottle:  1 lb beef, 1/4 chopped red onion, 1/4 cup Moore’s.  Easy enough.

DAYUM!  Those burgers were good!  Nonna ate the whole thing!  (And that’s unusual for Nonna!)

So tonight for dinner, I decided I wanted to try the Buffalo Sauce.  I cut up some chicken breasts, breaded them with panko breadcrumbs, and fried away.  Then added the Buffalo Sauce as directed.  REALLY reminiscent of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo – with just the right amount of heat to allow for LOTS of them to be consumed.  It’s another winner.

I think tomorrow night I’ll have to try the Teriyaki.  I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be three out of three for winners!

I really do need to take a trek south!